Are Radio Towers Dangerous: A Case Study

Friday, 21 October 2016

You are exposed to more radiation than all the previous generations. Reason?

– Radio Towers!


They are everywhere- from a thriving metropolitan to an isolated outskirt.

So, the question that arises is, “Are Radio Towers Harmful?” Here’s the answer.


Firstly, you need to know what exactly Radio Towers are.

So, Radio towers are tall structures, designed to support telecom and broadcasting antennas.

They range from cell-phone towers to TV broadcasting antennas.


Moving on to the answer, they are not at all harmful if you are at a safe distance.

And the safe distance is almost 400 meters. If you live at least 400 meters away from a radio tower, you are probably safe.


But, what if you live in the 400 meters area?


Research carried out by German and Israeli researchers separately conclude that if you live in the 400m area, you could be prone to numerous diseases.

Some of the diseases are :



* Weak memory.

* Stress.

* Insomnia.

* Decreased Sperm count.

* And chronic diseases like Cancer.


These diseases were found in abundance in those people that were living near a radio tower or had a cell-phone tower installed on the rooftop of their apartments.


The diseases listed above are just a few of them, living near EMF ( Electromagnetic Field) can also prove to be life threatening if exposed to it for a long time; and if necessary precautions are avoided for a long time.


Another French study shows that people living within a quarter-mile area from a tower suffered from mild headaches, insomnia, and stress on a regular basis and some of them were diagnosed for the same.


So, now you know that radio towers are dangerous if you live very close to them.

However, there are plenty of solutions to this problem. If applied properly, they can help you avoid radiation caused diseases.


This is the most important section of this article. You might find the solutions mentioned below very helpful.

After getting an EMF reading, if found dangerous, follow these steps-

Protect The Bedroom.

You are prone to more radiation while sleeping due to consistent exposure. You can protect yourself by using a protective bed canopy. This is the most reliable way to protect yourself as it stops nearly 99% radiation outside the protected area.


This will ensure a good sleep without worrying about the wicked tower standing outside to harm you from all sides.


Protective Paint.


You can spend some amount buying some protective paint to get rid of the EMF that penetrates through the wall to harm you.


You can paint the side of your home facing the radio tower. If it doesn’t work fine, you can paint all the sides with the paint to ensure maximum protection.


However, if you don’t protect the windows, rest of the effort will go waste. Make sure to apply a window film for maximum protection.




Moving on to the conclusion, it can be concluded that if you live half a mile away from a radio tower, you are safe. But, if you live within 400m area, you need to get EMF readings and if you find the dangerous level of radiation, you should consider applying some protective methods.

So, if you live close to a radio tower, better take precautions. Because we all know- Precaution is better than cure.





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