Can Radio Waves Cause Cancer

Friday, 21 October 2016

The fact that cancer is a global crisis is an understatement. Every day, numerous people get diagnosed with the life-changing disease. This has led many scientists and researchers to try and find out all the possible causes of the disease. If the causes can be determined conclusively, then fighting the disease would be a lot easier.

For a long time, certain radioactive substances have been associated with causing cancer, which explains why many people are concerned that radio waves can be a cause of cancer. Several types of electromagnetic waves have also been confirmed to be carcinogenic. These waves include gamma rays and ultra violet waves. Some other weaker types of electromagnetic waves such as radio waves are however generally not enough to cause any kind of cancer.

What are radio waves?
Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they are some of the weaker waves. Exposure to these rays usually occurs when people are using mobile phones. Many cellphone users are concerned that prolonged use of these communication devices continually exposes them to risk of getting cancer. The question lingers: can radio waves cause cancer? In order to answer the question better, it is vital that you first understand how the phones work.

How do the mobile phones work?
For communication to be made possible using mobile phones, energy needs to be transmitted to and from the phone. This energy travels in the form of radio frequency waves that are radiated from the phone. Generally, these waves are more concentrated at the antennae of every phone than on any other part of these hand- held devices. Usually, a phone is held against the head, and it is through this contact that parts of the body become exposed to the rays.

Are these rays carcinogenic?
Extensive research into the possibility of radio waves causing cancer has revealed that:

1. The waves are not carcinogenic
Cell phone users can heave a sigh of relief upon reading this. There is not a single study that directly links the use of mobile phones or exposure to radio waves through any other means to the risk of getting cancer. Many researchers generally agree that the radio waves are too weak to pose any serious cancer risk. The general consensus is that they do not have enough energy to alter or damage DNA cells, unlike other stronger waves.

2. They can cause other tumors
Studies further show that a lot of exposure to these rays can increase the risk of getting other tumors, although the tumors will be benign. Although radio waves do not possess enough energy to destroy DNA cells, they do possess enough energy to cause tissue heating. Too many hours spent using these gadgets do increase the risk of getting non- cancerous tumors, which can be rather dangerous.

You now know the truth about radio waves and cancer, don’t you? However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so you would be well advised not to spend too many hours using your phone. Although using the cell phone excessively may not cause cancer, it can still cause malignant tumors, which is still rather a huge risk to take.

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