Why Radio Is Important in Advertising

Friday, 21 October 2016

Advertising on radio continues to reign in spite of the fact there are several ways of promoting a product or service. Commercials aired on AM-FM receivers are just as successful as tv spots. Some studies comparing television marketing campaigns with radio ads have concluded the non-visual format is well-received by the majority of people. Earning name recognition in this manner can be accomplished with a well-written script.

Television spots and magazine ads have their place, as do radio commercials. In general, a broader audience can be reached using AM-FM stations as initiating agents. Talk radio listeners tend to form bonds with their favorite programs, placing more importance on commercial ads aired during such programs. There are not nearly as many bells and whistles capable of psychological manipulation in this form of media. Visual stimulus is not employed at all to express ideas. Emotion is the main form of influence.

There are several talent agencies that represent actor’s and actresses that are anxious to receive work. These skilled entertainers are usually well-rounded individuals who have performed many types of assignments. Recruiting from a selection of capable actor’s will result in a high-quality end product.

People of all ages listen to the radio. Children usually end up listening to what their parent’s listened to, teenagers are drawn to the music, and adults listen to both music and talk show programs. A successful ad zeros in on a topic and an audience. If a service such as credit repair is the subject, an adult will reach audience members much more so than a child actor who comes across as not being familiar with the topic. Appropriate voices need to be used for specific ads.

In some cases, a particular product or service is intended for people of all generations. Successful campaigns Understand the fact that people are emotional beings and do form bonds with programming. These emotions are played on in ads if it is obvious or not. There are a lot of subconscious reactions that happen without even realizing it. A lot of studies have been conducted on this very topic.

Distinguishable voices are usually preferred. This is to say the sound of the voice is important. DJ’s are a good example. DJ’s have voices that are easy to understand. Regardless of fame or popularity of the person providing the voice, an obvious command of their audible range needs to be apparent.

Voice volume, speed, intensity, and audibility all need to be well-polished. Many potential customers have heard commercials that simply are not good. Sales are lost this way. Many communities air ads by local schools and organizations looking to raise awareness and funds for their interest. The subject matter may be admirable; however, lacking a clear voice in such spots leaves listeners asking questions. It is not uncommon for people to listen to an ad three or four times before they can get all the information. Some listeners will take the time to hear the ad again whereas other people will just turn it off. Getting the information out clearly will result in a better outcome.

Advertising on the radio can make for an outstanding way of releasing information, no matter what the topic. Planning is essential if success is to be the result. Just like a stage performance or a photo shoot, every detail must be as polished as possible. The success of an ad is determined by the reaction from the general public, not the personal opinions of a few people at the top.

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