All You Need To Know About Your Safety When Using A Radio In The Bathroom

Monday, 24 October 2016

The bathroom is gradually transforming into a utility zone and also a comfort zone. For luxury and a great bathing experience, all sorts of accessories are getting fitted into a bathroom – Onamalkrmfdgds. The vanity of a traditional bathroom, are replaced with various comfort equipment like bathroom radios.

Definition of a bathroom radio

The bathroom radio is just one that is installed in the bathroom. The radio serves as a source of entertainment when you want to listen to some music during bath. Hence, installing a bathroom radio is a good option and they are available in different forms and shapes. There are various color variations that are immense and some are fitted with mirrors where you can see your reflection. The bathroom radio can be electrically operated or with a battery as well. Both the battery operated and the electrically operated radio appear to be the same, there isn’t much difference in them.

Dangers associated with a bathroom radio

In our home the least likely place for a fire to appear would be in a bathroom. Your bathroom is usually wet because of all the baths that your family takes on a daily basis, so this room would most likely end up with water damage before it suffered a fire. But you can have a fire here by way of something electric shorting out. If an electrical item were to hit water, you’ll get into more trouble than you need.

Not only will you get extremely shocked or electrocuted to death, but the electric running through this water will cause you to have a lot of health problems that will be with you for the rest of your life if it did not kill you.

Never use a radio or a hairdryer near any water in the home. Even if these items did not fall into the water, the steam from your bath could get into the electrical outlet and set a fire to your wiring in this room. If you want to listen to music while taking a shower, plug the radio in the next room, so that you cannot get it wet or exposed to the water from your shower or bath. Usually fires get started in the other rooms of your home, but in some cases electrical items or heaters can cause a fire to get started in the bathroom as well.

Most of the time you will not have a fire get started in the basement of your home either. The basement is usually like the bathroom – damp and with moisture all the time. If you were to have a fire in this room, it would probably get started by other appliances in the room like the washer, dryer, furnace, or hot water heater. So, it is entirely possible for a fire to start in the basement and you need to always have a working smoke alarm in this room too.

Even in a garage a fire could start and if it’s connected to the home, it could become dangerous. Fire safety needs to be observed all over the home and not just the most common places where you think you are most likely to have one.

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